O'Fallon, Missouri

Belize Missions 2016 – Sunday, July 17th

Hello Liberty!

It’s Sunday, which means we had church this morning! Before we met for our service, we prayed for y’all back home. We hope you were able to come and worship and meet together!


Our service here started at 9:30am and ran until 1:00pm. It makes back home seem pretty short! We had communion together after an exhortation from Pastor Smith, and then we worshipped for a good long while. After some prayer and devotions, Jordyn, Lilly, and Alicia shared their testimonies and Dan then shared from the Word. The Lord most definitely knit the service together as all the testimonies and the Word went beautifully together. After the testimonies, people who were facing similar situations as our ladies had came forward for prayer. It was powerful.

Jordyn sharing her testimony.




Prayer after testimonies.


Children’s church.


After service we ate and fellowshipped with the church. Pastor Tony West and Joe West also came from Libertad Baptist to fellowship with us and join us in ministry. The food was delicious!

The food prepped us for the next part of our day, which was going through Calcutta sharing the gospel, praying for people, and inviting them to our outreach service. Our team members and the church members here mixed together and went out in groups to share the gospel of Jesus with the town. When we all gathered back together we spent some time praying for all the people we came into contact with. Please pray for much fruit, for people to come to our outreach service on Wednesday, and for the church here to be able to continue the work that has started.


After dinner we spent time worshipping and praying and sharing what the Lord has done in the ocean under the moonlight. God’s creation is truly beautiful! We are now prepping for the many things coming tomorrow. Please be praying tomorrow for:

Mike Smith, as he will be sharing live on the radio about why we are here and inviting people to our outreach service. He will be sharing this in both Spanish and English.

Our school ministry–that we would be able to minister the love of Jesus to the children as we tutor them. Also pray for Josh and Alicia as they will be leading our Bible story at the start of the day.

For our construction supplies to arrive on time–we are hoping to get them  by noon and start right away on Mr. Stanford’s home.

Please pray that it does not rain! It’s supposed to rain Monday through Thursday this week, and we need clear skies so we can build.

We all love and miss everyone back home, but we are excited to carryout the work that God has given us here. Thank you again for your love, support, and prayers. May the Lord bless you!