O'Fallon, Missouri

Belize Missions 2016 – Monday, July 18th

Hello Liberty!

So much happened today, it’s hard to fit it all into one blog. The days keep getting more full as the week goes on. God is good!

After quiet times and breakfast, we started our day at the church with the Bible story portion of our school ministry. Josh led the lesson on creation, and the kids colored in what they thought each day looked like. It was awesome.



The rest of the school ministry went very well. Our team was able to work with kids one on one and in small groups. From math to science to english and spelling and computers, each of our team was able to use their strengths to help. But most importantly, we were able to love the kids and laugh with them. IMG_8400 IMG_8399IMG_8398 IMG_8404 IMG_8422 IMG_8403 IMG_8395 IMG_8424 IMG_8406 IMG_8416 IMG_8417

Mike Smith and I headed into town during some of the school ministry to broadcast on the radio, but we ran into some troubles. We now have everything in order to be able to get on the radio, so please pray for tomorrow as Mike will be live on two different radio stations.

Around 1:00pm, some of our team broke off from the school ministry and went to start construction on Mr. Stanford’s home. We unloaded the truck and then started on the bottom plate. Tomorrow will be a big day as we will attempt to get up most of the frame.

IMG_8413 IMG_8430 IMG_8432

When we were finished with the construction we started back for dinner, but only about a half a mile down the road we hit a nail and got a flat tire. We all worked as a team and were able to switch out the tire for our spare. We then were able to find a place in town that fixed the tire and put it back on for $2.50!

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To wrap up our long day, we went out for pizza and enjoyed relaxing together.

IMG_8436 IMG_8443

Please continue to pray for us. We have had a bit of sickness that has hit on and off for some of the team, but everyone is doing well now. Pray for health to be fully restored and for everyone to stay well. Tomorrow we will have a full and busy day as we continue our school ministry, construction, attempt to get on the radio, and prepare food for those in need. We love and appreciate you all!