O'Fallon, Missouri

Belize Missions 2016 – Saturday, July 16

Hello Liberty!

It has been a long and eventful day. After some awesome quiet times by the beach, we ate some breakfast and then headed out to Mr. Stanford’s house. Libertad Baptist was able to tear it down for us!

Here is a picture of his house when we were there in April:


There is now only a foundation!


After getting some measurements, Josh Beaty and I headed to the shipyard, a Mennonite community to order the lumber. It is a beautiful place. It took a while and cost more than we initially thought, but everything we need to build Mr. Stanford’s new home will be delivered on Monday. Check out the pictures of the lumber yard.



A picture of our deal going down.


Meanwhile back in Libertad, Mike Smith led the team in some training and then they went and walked the village and prayed for people. Everyone enjoyed getting to meet people and both our team and the people of Libertad were encouraged.

Some pictures of Libertad:



The chicken coops still going strong!


From Libertad we went to lunch and then met up with Pastor Smith and some members of his church. We went through some training and conversations and got ready for the week. Everyone was greatly encouraged, and we are ready to see the Lord do some great things!

After that we came back to our hotel for some prayer, worship, and reflection. The team has spending the rest of the evening cooling down in the ocean and prepping for our service tomorrow where we will be preaching, sharing testimonies, and leading worship. Please pray for our day full of ministry tomorrow! We also ask that you continue to pray for our health and for energy as several of the team are still tired from our first day of travel. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and prayed for us, we love and appreciate you all!