O'Fallon, Missouri

Belize Missions 2016 – On the Ground

Hello Liberty!

Yesterday we had a long and grueling day of travel. Due to bad weather and flight delays, we were on our first plane for 6 hours even though the flight was only supposed to be an hour and twenty minutes. Our next plane was delayed for another hour after we got on the plane, but we did finally get going!

Here is a picture of the team (minus Ryan) at the airport getting ready to take off.

Here is a picture of our route from St. Louis to Dallas, which included landing for fuel at a different Dallas airport before finally making it to the correct one, and another picture of us on the plane.



Once we arrived we quickly loaded up in our van and headed up north to Corozal. We finally got settled into the place we are staying around 9:30pm Belize time or 10:30pm STL time. Belize is on central time, but without daylight savings time for those who are curious. Everyone was exhausted from the day, so we all pretty quickly got to bed.


Today has a full agenda! After we all spend some time with the Lord, we will be headed out for breakfast, then to meet Mr. Stanford and see what kind of work we have in front of us to rebuild his home. We will also have an opportunity to see Libertad. After that the plan is to get to ordering supplies, eat lunch, and then meet with Pastor Smith. This evening we will be spending at Elohim Community Church in prayer.

We all appreciate your prayers. Please pray for health and rest today so that we will all be strong for the week ahead. Pray that we would keep in step with the Spirit and keep our eyes open to what is happening around us so that we can be about the Father’s business. Much love from the team, we will update again when we have time!