O'Fallon, Missouri

Belize Missions 2016 – Tuesday, July 19th

Hello Liberty!

Much work has been done today! Our school ministry continued this morning with Ryan and Spencer leading the Bible lessons. They taught about Abraham.


After the Bible lessons the tutoring time continued and we were able to work alongside many children and help them grasp many concepts.

IMG_8466 IMG_8467 IMG_8462 IMG_8452 IMG_8454

We were also able to gift laptops to the church. They intend to use them to continue to teach children how to use computers, which is necessary in today’s age.


From morning till evening, we worked at the construction site. Mr. Stanford’s home is making much progress!

IMG_8468 IMG_8491 IMG_8489 IMG_8469

Both the construction project and our school ministry needed the rain to stay away for us to be able to be effective, and the Lord was faithful to give us what we needed. For the second day in a row it was mostly cool and cloudy, but the rain went around us and rained overnight and a times when we were not working!


Mike Smith was also able to go to the radio station today and record a broadcast announcement to be played on 107.7 here in Belize. When driving between sites today, we were able to hear it play several times, including during the “national news” update. Praise God! Pray for many people to hear the message and come tomorrow evening to hear the gospel!


Our prayer requests for tomorrow:

Health! We have still had multiple people on our team battling sickness on this trip. Please pray for the Lord to rain his mercy down on our team and heal us!

Continued good weather and much progress on Mr. Stanford’s home.

Our outreach service–that many would come and that people would get saved! Pray for Sara, Ryan, and Josh as they share their testimonies and for Mike as he shares the gospel.

God has been very good to us on this trip, answering so many of our prayers. He is faithful, church! All glory and honor and power are his forever!