O'Fallon, Missouri

Jacob Olejniczak

God introduced Suzy to Jake at St. Louis Teens for Christ, a youth ministry to junior and senior high students. As a sophomore and junior at Francis Howell High School, they both knew God had brought them together to be married. Seven years later, they were. They have been a part of Liberty separately, and then together, since its foundation.

Jake and Suzy understand that God calls us to worship Him through the Word, fellowship, and service. Because of this, Jake and Suzy have served faithfully in a number of ministries: the drama ministry, the audio/visual ministry, the nursery, the Voice of Liberty radio ministry, door-to-door witnessing, El Shaddai Ranch, Teens for Christ, catechism classes, the finance committee, and the diaconate.

They are blessed with four boys spread over nine years: Daniel, Ethan, Caleb, and Asher. Four busy boys becoming young men makes for an active home.  Activities include homeschooling, bible quizzing, basketball, swimming, classes in co-op, classes at Liberty Classical Center, and trips to the zoo, Magic House, Science Center and more!

Jake and Suzy are graduates of the Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly UMR, or just Rolla). Jake is employed as a Chief Engineer at Emerson Electric. Suzy is the primary educator of their boys and keeps their home. They live in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Their family has many interests. They love games. They play board games, party games, strategy games, video games and, of course, classic kids games. They also hike, read, enjoy the company of friends and family, and like to learn about science and history.